An upcoming English voice synthesizer. NATA will plug directly into most DAWs, allowing you to make young adult, female vocals with an intuitive UI.

The whole English dictionary is at your disposal, as are multiple parameters that make the vocals more expressive (vibrato, legato, portamentos, phoneme speed, etc).



NATA is the latest installment in Alter/Ego synthesizers. Powered by a new reclist and other improvements, she'll prove to be useful for producers looking for a young adult female voice.

Currently we are focused on programming and fleshing out the design. Because we want to do our best, there might be a lull in news. Soon though, you'll be able to see and hear NATA in various demos.

I might be keeping a repository to document the project from the start. Considering nothing bad happens in the meantime, she will be released this year.

Hope you'll accompany us as we create the best waifu. Thank you.

- Azureflux


Where demos will be posted. Note, everything in this site is subject to change as NATA evolves. More sections will be added (i.e. art, news, etc).



Vocallective is a record label focused on the Vocaloid and Utau software (as well as other vocal synths), founded on August 20, 2013.

Most of our music is in English but there are a few tracks in other languages (Japanese, Spanish, Finnish, Latin, even Conlangs). You can find it on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play. Now we're making synths too.
To contact us you can use the following email: